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The Mount Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1879. The earliest available records did not mention the First Pastor by name. The original church building, located at 2814 Lebanon Road, was built by hand by Mr. Jim and West Hockett. The land on which it was built was a gift from Mr. Andrew Price.


The first known pastor was Rev. G.K Wilson who led the church from 1905-1908.  In 1926 Rev. Oscar Owens was called to lead the church. During the pastoral leadership of Rev Oscar Owens, the original  building erected  was moved to 210 Eddings Lane in Donelson Tn. The church worshiped at 210 Eddings Lane until the vision to move to Nashville was given.August 2nd 2003 was the Groundbreaking for 2911 Stokers Lane, this location is where members currently call home.  In June of 2021 Rev. Larry Couch was elected to be interim pastor of Mount Hopewell Baptist Church

Pioneering Members: The Hocketts, Martins, Holmes ,Merritts and  White Families . These families helped build the family oriented foundation we have now. 


Mount Hopewell Mission Statement:

Mount Hopewell Vision Statement

To magnify Christ by receiving People into the Church as members, Building them up to spiritual maturity, training them for specific Ministries and sending them out into society as Missionaries

 To build a truly multigenerational congregation focused on demonstrating love regardless of personal background and taking community leadership on issues of social justice and fairness.


Today Mounthopewell  is a multi-generational congregation that seeks to develop spiritually.  We are an exciting, thriving, and spiritual church with an honest atmosphere, pure worship, built on a foundation of the true Word of God. Mount Hopewell is home to over 50 members. We have several ministries that invite people of all generations to serve. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Mt. Hopewell will continue to worship our Lord in Spirit and Truth. We will continue to reach out to the community in evangelism and spread God’s Holy Divine Word.

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